PocketPORTTM Modem Configuration Guide for: Novatel Wireless USB730L (Verizon 4G/LTE)

Model                       USB730L Novatel Wireless   USB730L
ManufacturerNovatel Wireless
Other NamesGlobal Modem USB730L, 730L, U730, U730L, MiFi USB730L
Antenna JackTS9
Pigtail Part #ANT-104-TS9
Auto Configured by PocketPORT 2? Yes. In firmware 2.2.100 and higher
Comments*** Support for this modem requires PocketPORT firmware version 2.2.100 or later.

*** USB730L's with firmware version 1G L2.58.4 M9x40FRN-3.41.1 1 or later require PocketPORT firmware version 2.2.108 or later. See this Tech Note: PocketPORT 2 and Verizon/Novatel USB730L Modem Firmware Matching

Configure the USB730L to Auto Connect and enter the correct APN for your Verizon account via the USB730L's internal web server ( with the modem plugged into a PC before attempting to use the USB730L with the PocketPORT.

The USB730L must be in End User Mode - with the modem in a PC, go to and select End User Mode if the PocketPORT does not go online.

When operating in NAT Mode, PocketPORT LAN IP subnet must be changed from 192.168.1.x / to avoid IP conflicts with this modem.

This modem takes longer than most others to connect to Verizon. Allow up to 2 minutes for the connection to complete.

The USB730L uses a nano sized (4FF) SIM card.

The JetPack MiFi 7730L (with battery & display) is NOT supported.

USB730L Modem LED Indicator Meanings

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