PocketPORTTM Modem Configuration Guide for: Novatel Wireless MiFi U620L (Verizon 4G/LTE)

Model                       U620L Novatel Wireless   U620L
ManufacturerNovatel Wireless
Other Names620L, USB620L, 620, MiFi U620L, JetPack U620L
Antenna JackTS9
Pigtail Part #ANT-104-TS9
Auto Configured by PocketPORT 2? Yes. In firmware 2.2.64 and higher
Comments *** Support for this modem requires PocketPORT firmware version 2.2.64 or later.

Configure the correct APN for your Verizon account in the PocketPORT or via the U620L's internal web server ( with the modem plugged into a PC before attempting to use the U620L with the PocketPORT.

Regardless of U620L's Connection Mode setting selected in Windows, the PocketPORT always resets the U620L to Manual connections.

This modem takes longer than most others to connect to Verizon. Allow up to 2 minutes for the connection to complete.

An external antenna is recommended for this modem.

The U620L uses a nano sized (4FF) SIM card.

The MiFi 6620L (with battery & display) is NOT supported.

U620L Modem LED Indicator Meanings

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