Download PocketPORT 2 Firmware

Note: Firmware files for the PocketPORT 2 (PP-002) can only be installed on PocketPORT 2 hardware. PocketPORT 2 firmware cannot be installed on PocketPORT 1 (PP-001) devices.

Release Notes

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.109

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.108

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.104

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.100

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.90

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.76

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.70

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.69

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.38
Virtual Cable users - see the Release Notes for important information

PocketPORT 2 Firmware v2.2.34

Firmware Update Instructions (Web GUI)
  • Enter Configuration Mode (press the Reset button for 2 seconds and access the PocketPORT at
  • At the bottom of the Configuration Screen, click the "Update Firmware" link.
  • Use the Browse button to locate the new firmware file that you downloaded above. Then click Upload.
  • If the upload is successful, click the Begin Flashing button.
  • After several seconds, you should see a confirmation page indicating that the router is rebooting.
  • Wait approximately 1 minute and then go back to the Configuration Screen and confirm that the new firmware version is running.

Firmware Update Instructions (USB Drive)
  • Download the new firmware (".bin") file and copy it to the "root" level (top) directory of a USB memory stick. There must be no other files ending in ".bin" located in the root directory of the memory stick.
  • Insert the USB memory stick in the PocketPORT and apply power.
  • After 10-20 seconds, the PocketPORT’s Status LED will rapidly flash violet for approximately 60 seconds.
  • Once the Status LED slowly flashes red again, you may remove the USB memory stick.
  • Go back to the Configuration Screen and confirm that the new firmware version is running.

Our US-based technical support team is available via telephone Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm ET (GMT-5) by calling 877-777-7694 or 412-213-2477. Or E-Mail your questions to:

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