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Firmware releases for the EtherLINQ are cumulative - you only need to install the latest version to upgrade from any previous firmware version. See the information below or refer to Appendix A.6 of the EtherLINQ User's Guide for information on how to install firmware updates.

Upgrading from firmware releases prior to 5.2.4 will ERASE some current EtherLINQ configuration settings.
Export your current configuration file before upgrading, then re-import the configuration file to prevent loss of settings.
For more information see Section 14.2 of the EtherLINQ User's Guide

EtherLINQ Firmware Release Notes

EtherLINQ Firmware v5.2.15 (current production release)

EtherLINQ Firmware v5.2.13

EtherLINQ Firmware v5.2.6

EtherLINQ Firmware v5.2.5

EtherLINQ Firmware v5.2.4

EtherLINQ Firmware v5.1.9

Firmware Update Instructions (Check For Updates)
  • Access the EtherLINQ's web interface (default
  • On the Status Tab, click the "Check For Updates" button next to the current firmware version number.
  • Follow the instructions to begin the firmware update process if a new version is available.
  • Upon the next system restart, the updated EtherLINQ will be automatically installed.

Firmware Update Instructions (Manual GUI Updates)
  • Download the new firmware (EtherLINQ-Firmware-X.Y.Z.signed) file and save the file to a directory on your PC.
  • Access the EtherLINQ's web interface (default
  • On the Admin tab, click the "Update" button next to "Update EtherLINQ Firmware" at the top of the page.
  • Use the Choose File button to locate the new firmware file that you downloaded from above. Then click Upload.
  • If the upload is successful, click the Begin Flashing button.
  • After several seconds, you should see a confirmation page indicating that the update is installing. The top row of the EtherLINQ's LEDs will flash in succession.
  • Wait approximately 6 minute to access the EtherLINQ (when the OS LED is solid) and confirm that the new firmware version is running.

Firmware Update Instructions (via USB Drive)
  • Download the new firmware ("EtherLINQ-Firmware-X.Y.Z.signed") file and copy it to the "root" level (top) directory of a USB memory stick. There must be no other files ending in ".signed" located in the root directory of the memory stick.
  • Insert the USB memory stick in the EtherLINQ and apply power.
  • After about 60 seconds, The top row of the EtherLINQ's LEDs will flash in succession.
  • Once the firmware update is complete, the EtherLINQ will reboot.

Our US-based technical support team is available via telephone Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm ET (GMT-5) by calling 877-777-7694 or 412-213-2477. Or E-Mail your questions to:

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